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A Quick and Tasty Distraction!

So, now that the year is slowly coming to an end, most people like myself (poor unfortunate students) are starting to freak out about exams and assignment deadlines.

Here’s another thing to completely add to the stress of not being able to finish on time!!

Recently, I have been taken to cooking and baking in general. And a bad habit of mine is that whenever I don’t want to go back into my dingy cave (room) to look at the computer screen and go over yet another journal article, I roll up my sleeves and bake mini apple pies.

This is great if you have puff pastry and apples lying around (which for some weird reason, I always do).

I got the recipe from Just One Cookbook. On top of what is added, I also added cinnamon (cause what’s apple pie without cinnamon? ANARCHY, that’s what).

I’m definitely a puff pastry fan now and will always have some lying around for one of those days when I realise that the apples sitting on the window sill are starting to go bad.




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