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During my internship in the summer, I have started jotting ideas and plot ideas here and there of a novel I am working on. This has continued afterwards though the project is still in its infancy. I have developed a habit of carrying a small notebook wherever I go. The one thing I found incredibly annoying however, is the inconsistency of my pens. Sometimes the ink runs out or it cuts short or the grip of the pen becomes uncomfortable after a while.

So, I decided that it was time to invest in a good pen.


I’ve always wanted a fountain pen and thought this would be a good excuse to go get one!

So I went out and picked up a Lamy Al-star fountain pen. It’s a good basic starter fountain pen. I picked this over the Lamy Safari because I think I prefer the aluminium casing than the plastic one. I got this at John Lewis for about 24 pounds though it would be cheaper to pick one up online.

I am not much of an expert so this isn’t a comprehensive review by any means. Especially since this is my first fountain pen. There are quite a few good ones on YouTube by people who are quite a bit more knowledgeable than I am but here’s what I think of this pen:

– Good weight but could be a bit heavier as I found it still a bit too light
– Smooth, easy to write nib
– Ink flow is fantastic, doesn’t cut out
–¬†Quite durable
– A bit hard to insert the first cartridge (needed quite a push to break through the plastic seal and quite a bit of squeezing to get the ink to flow properly the first time but this could be because I’m quite weak)

The pictured above shows the standard Lamy ink on Moleskine paper. As you can see, I write on both sides of the page and there is little bleed through.



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