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Decadence on a Sunday

Those who know me know that my life constantly revolves around good food and creation of good food. Why I’m not over 200 lbs is still beyond me. The last two or three weekends or so, I have been host of and attended many dinner type parties revolving around trying my hand at different types of food. From Japanese curry night to sushi to Korean style fried chicken, I am almost sick of food.

Except this Sunday, when suddenly my flatmate turned to me and announced that she was bored and was going to make a cheesecake.

I countered with: “Soooo… cheesecake and steak night?”

And thus, the epic Sunday was born.


We had a hard time finding strawberries up in cold Aberdeen that day so substituted a half of the sauce with blueberries instead. It turned out delicious. It was a bit on the sweet side but hey, when it’s cold outside, there shouldn’t be any reservations on food since it’s the only thing keeping you warm. The cheesecake itself turned out quite well I thought. She said she got the recipe off of Food Network.com

We then trekked to the nearest supermarket to get things for dinner that night (specifically, the steaks). And it being Aberdeen and crazy, it started to snow/hail painfully as we were walking. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t blowing into our faces. As it stands, we worked for our steaks that night.


Sirloin steak with garlic butter and a side of roasted asparagus and mashed potatoes! Simple, fast and delicious.

All in all, a very very full Sunday.


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A Quick and Tasty Distraction!

So, now that the year is slowly coming to an end, most people like myself (poor unfortunate students) are starting to freak out about exams and assignment deadlines.

Here’s another thing to completely add to the stress of not being able to finish on time!!

Recently, I have been taken to cooking and baking in general. And a bad habit of mine is that whenever I don’t want to go back into my dingy cave (room) to look at the computer screen and go over yet another journal article, I roll up my sleeves and bake mini apple pies.

This is great if you have puff pastry and apples lying around (which for some weird reason, I always do).

I got the recipe from Just One Cookbook. On top of what is added, I also added cinnamon (cause what’s apple pie without cinnamon? ANARCHY, that’s what).

I’m definitely a puff pastry fan now and will always have some lying around for one of those days when I realise that the apples sitting on the window sill are starting to go bad.



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It is pretty much a universal truth that receiving a package makes a person happy. It is very much like Christmas but at any time throughout the year. Even if that package is a package that you’ve been expecting. It is strange how much a small brown package in the mailbox elicits so much excitement and joy.

But that was not initially my reaction today when I slogged back from a 9am class, which I spent squinting at the projector screen (because that would magically somehow make me understand the nuances of the RDA cataloguing rules… ignoring the fact that if I squint too much, I am basically blind). I have taken a habit to open the mailbox every time I come back from class because the postman arrives ridiculously early in the mornings, much to the annoyance of most of my flatmates.

But that’s another digression that I will elaborate on on a later date.

I opened the small grey mailbox and aside from a couple of confidential letters for my flatmate, out popped a small, DVD-sized brown packet from Amazon with my name and address on it.

And I froze… and stared at it.

Now, I am guilty of online shopping. It is quite a bit of an addiction and the only thing that prevents me from going crazy on it is the fact that I don’t have a lot of money… nor do I currently need a lot of clothes (because what I have I’m happy with, not because I’m secretly a nudist. It’s not practical to be a nudist up here in Aberdeen). But I’m usually very aware of what I have ordered and at what kind of time frame I expect it to arrive. An anonymous Amazon package addressed to me?? Something I didn’t order??

The alarm bells went off in my head.

I’m not paranoid or silly or anything. I know it doesn’t contain anthrax… or any kind of biochemical terrorist type weaponry (cause why the hell would Aberdeen be on the target list…?) but what went through my head was ‘Oh shit, they sent me something by mistake. I’m going to have to go through lots of crap to see what happened. They’re probably gonna try and take money from me and I’m not in the mood to yell at some poor call girl on the phone about something that she can’t control or fix… This sucks.’ 

So… once I delivered the other letters to my flatmate, I went into my room and opened the rather plain, inoffensive box.


First thing I read on the spine of the DVD case is “Downton Abbey”. Now I know I definitely didn’t order anything of that nature because I don’t even watch that show.

And then the little message fell out.

It was an early surprise birthday gift from a close friend back in Vancouver.


It’s great to be remembered, even half the world away. And that completely made my Friday.

A pub quiz will finish it off but that brown package kick-started my weekend.



But I guess that means I now no longer have an excuse not to watch it.



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