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Continuing from the previous post, the weekend continued in the county of Sligo on the second day. Since the weather was so horrible (it was the same weekend as all those storms that swept across the UK), we spent most of it inside by going to a few pubs in town, eating at a really good tapas place in the Italian quarter and going to a movie.

The next day however, was a bit more productive as the weather had cleared up a little bit. It started off with a quick stopover at the Donkey Sanctuary since I’ve never seen a donkey before.



This little (big!) guy was standing in the middle of the road. We didn’t want to startle the thing and have it either charge us or get hurt running off so we backed up and left.

That began our journey up to one of the many megalithic tombs that littered across the Sligo county. The one we trekked up to was the Carrowkeel megalithic tombs. The terrain itself was muddy and in some parts, boggy. I managed to slip on my ass on the way down but thankfully, didn’t get mud everywhere.

The view from up there was amazing.


On the drive up

What was amazing about the tombs was that the stones that they were used to built with stones that weren’t native to the area. This meant that they had to be carried up by hand. Even more amazing is that the tombs pre-dates the pyramids! There are three that are within easy walking distances in the area that we were in. One was caved in on the inside and blocked. Another had a slab in front of it that made it really hard to shimmy in between the rocks to get inside. The third though, had a small space that was open and a person on their hands and knees could crawl inside and comfortably stand up.



After much convincing, I too got down and slowly crawled through. The inside held three small chambers where the bodies would have been left. All three were also tall enough that a person could comfortably stand up and not hit their heads. Of course, I got creeped out pretty quickly and crawled out with the help of my smartphone lighting the way.

All in all, the trip to Sligo was eye-opening. The landscape is completely different from what I have been used to in Waterford. It very much reminds me of a flatter version of the Scottish highland landscape. Soon after exploring the tombs and drinking in the scenery, the rain started to come down and we made it back to the car before it became lashing rain. That ended our quick soujourn north and a few hours after, we found ourselves back on the M9 back to Waterford.

The view from the top

The view from the top




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