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A Miracle!

So, this weekend a miracle happened.

It was sunny and warm enough to wear shorts in Aberdeen!

I have been cooped up inside for so long that it took me a while to adjust to the sunlight outside *hissssss*. In any case, while the rest of the UK (and the rest of the world It seemed like) enjoyed an unprecedented heat wave, Aberdeen managed to experience a tiny blip of it before the clouds and wind and rain came rolling back in.

I don’t suppose I can complain though considering that it’s not completely freezing just yet.

In any case, my weekend had been rather eventful if just a bit unproductive. I helped a friend move (voluntarily I might add), went to take a look at a flat since I will be essentially homeless in a few weeks, and checked out the International market in town before going out to a pub to catch a rather good cover band and danced the night away. We had a beautiful day on Sunday so my roommate managed to drag my alcohol addled brain and aching feet up and out to head to Duthie park, one of the green spaces in Aberdeen.

As parks go (in my experience), it is rather small but big for Aberdeen. It was sunny enough to lounge on the grass and soak up some sun before we took a walk around to see what the park offered. There is a small garden there which boasts all manners of plants. They have a tiny Japanese garden and even more impressive, a cacti garden. They even had venus fly traps! I have never seen one up close. They were tiny and actually, quite adorable as fly-eating plants go.

All in all, it was a good day to spend out in the sun and away from the topic of our dissertations.


Oh look, two grad students.

And of course, there was a small little hill called The Mound where that was a flag pole sticking out of it. OBVIOUSLY, we had to climb it. And OBVIOUSLY, sillyness ensued.


If you don’t get the reference without the second picture below, it’s possible that you’re too young.

Two more months before my dissertation is due, 8 more weeks before I see my significant other again, 10 more weeks before I am in Spain to soak up even more sun and feed myself to bursting. 

The weeks are flying!



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