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So, I’ve been hearing a lot about Mexyshop.com through ads and via facebook. They are an online retailer (much like ASOS) that is based in Taiwan. A few weeks back, they had a sale on all of the new Autumn/Winter products so I decided to bite the bullet and ordered a few things I quite like. They offered free shipping if you spend over $50USD (the equivalent of about 30 £) so I thought, what the heck, why not?

I placed an order on the 20th of October, it was shipped on the 26th of October and the package arrived on November 5th by free standard shipping. I spent the equivalent of 31 £ and was slapped with a custom charge of 15.12 £. Considering I didn’t have to pay for shipping, I thought it wasn’t too bad. I paid the equivalent of 46£ for three items so about 15.50£ each.

Anyways, on to the good part!


I ordered three items and they came each individually wrapped in its own bag:


There’s nothing too exciting about that. They came with their own tags and have that usual chemical-warehousey smell that comes with most new clothes that have been sitting in a factory warehouse somewhere. It’s nothing a toss in the wash won’t fix.

My least favourite out of the three were the maroon leggings:

They were indeed fleece-lined and quite comfortable and warm… once I managed to squeeze into a pair. The website now offers M-XL sizes but when I ordered it, it said it was only one size (I’m normally okay with OS things from Asian stores but this was just too tight… mostly because it’s a Small). It looks like the exchange policy is also a pain since I’d have to pay for my own shipping and probably be slapped with another customs tax on top of that so I’m not going to bother. Aside from the size issue, it was actually really nice. The quality is pretty good and it is thick. The front pockets that are sewn in are fake but the back pockets aren’t, which is a surprise for me since most elastic-jean leggings don’t have working pockets. The red colour is also more of a maroon than a red which is really nice. Once I lose a few pounds, I’ll be very happy in them. The Small size would probably fit a UK 6-8. I’m a UK 10 and it fits me since it’s stretchy but only up to a certain point as it’s really tight around the hips and waist.

The second thing I got was the orange “Warmy Plaided Shirt”:


It only comes in one size and I opted for the orange rather than the red as the red is a bit t0o lesbian-lumberjack for me. I rather like this shirt despite its shortcomings! The fit is a bit too small around the bust and waist area but it fits me perfectly on the shoulders and the arms. I have the same problem with most of the shirts I buy so the fit wasn’t unexpected for me. The material is actually thicker than the normal cotton shirt. It really is “warmy” and feels a bit like a thinner and more cottony flannel. I really like the orange as well. Again, it would be perfect on anybody who wears UK8 because then you’d be able to button it all the way up without having the buttons pop out. I don’t like button my shirts all the way so I’m quite happy with the way it is.

With & without flash, paired with the maroon fleece-lined ‘jeggings’

Last but not least and quite possibly my favourite yet is the black whiskered knitted scarf:

I was pleasantly surprised with this one! I took it out of the bag and immediately fell in love with it. It’s a soft knitted texture and definitely really warm! It’s long and thick enough to be a shawl and feels like a thin cosy blanket that people take with them for chilly summer nights. The whiskered details are a nice touch and makes it less boring.

With and without flash


Did I mention how soft it is?!

Overall, I’m quite happy with the purchases. I honestly wasn’t expecting much in terms of quality since I have been let down before by these types of websites but I’m pleased with this one. Would I order from them again? Probably… though the customs bill does check my actions quite a bit. I’ll save it for when I find something I really love and for their occasional sales.

The other Asian-style fashion website I know of is Yesstyle and there will be a review coming up for them later on in the month. If there are any other ones that you know of, let me know!

[note: I am in no way affiliated with MexyShop and the above post contains my personal opinion]




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