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Pre-departure Jitters

So, with only a week and a half to go, I have been bombarded with questions related to my departure:

“Have you started packing yet?”

“Have you packed yet?”

“Have you packed anything yet?”

The answer is a resounding No. No. And quite definitely, No.

Recently, I moved out of my apartment. I have been living in that quite spacious two bedroom condo for the last three years of my life. I moved back home to my parents’ and now it seemed like my old room has quite literally exploded in boxes and bags. The thought of having to paw through all my belongings again to pack things up again is just a major turn off right now. 

Yes, even with only one and a half weeks to go.

And as I sit here at my amazing boyfriend’s place, dressed in his t-shirt and his boxers, there’s that familiar sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I need to deal with that mess back home. 
I’m leaving this place soon.

The fact that I have been dreaming of leaving Vancouver for the last three years doesn’t really matter when now I’m sitting here and forced to face the fact that I am leaving this place and the people I love behind. To be fair, I’m still not really thinking about it much but at odd times when I’m counting down how many weekends I have left with my boyfriend (one, just one and not even a full weekend), it does force me to start thinking about the preparations I need to make soon. 

I probably won’t start packing until the last few days when I become a hurricane of activity. 

I’m starting to wonder if procrastination applied to emotions as well? 


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