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Alright, I will be the first to admit it. Before going on a trip or before undertaking any significant change of course in my life, I do tend to go just a wee bit shopping crazy. (I am usually alright for the rest of the year though… I swear!).

So, in anticipation for the trip and the thought of going back to school again after being away for three years, my bank account took a nice hit for the team. The thought of going up to chilly Aberdeen is a daunting thought. Being from Vancouver, our winters are never really very cold. Sure, it gets wet quite a bit (I think we still hold the record for 28 consecutive rainy days in a year) and it stays pretty dreary but it rarely dips down before 0 degrees. Considering this and paired with the signs advertising summer sales all over Vancouver, I felt like I should take advantage of this monetary oppourtunity and hunt for some long sleeved tops and warmer clothing. Most of the Spring lines have been reduced to clear their stock and I am more than happy to help out.

So here’s a few stuff I picked up from Aritzia:

First: Super comfy long sleeved top. I also got this in a white colour with blue faded stripes.


Second: I know it’s a theme now but I also picked up this burnt red/orange 3/4 sleeved tops. The hem of the arms are bunched up into an elastic to give it that loose casual feel. It’s also incredibly comfortable which means it’ll be perfect for those lazy-study-lie-in-don’t-talk-to-me days. (It’s a bit wrinkly in the picture, whoops)


Last but not least, I also picked up this really really comfortable and warm silk+cashmere top. It feels amazing with it on and is surprisingly warm despite the fact that it looks and feels really thin. This is probably my favourite out of the three.

If you can’t tell that I’m more comfort-over-style by now, well… I suppose now you do! I am super happy with my purchases because it functions well, it’s comfortable, it’s not horrifically ugly, and most of all, they’re all long sleeved! I have way too many t-shirts and to have something that is long sleeved that I can also use in layering is something I haven’t had in awhile. Paired with a scarf, tights, boots, some knee high socks and my giant thick parka with the furry hood? I’ll be set for anything that comes my way!


But what about something for school? I hear you ask. That is something to cover at a later date as I am still waiting for my packages to come in. But here is a sneakpeak at what I got to deal with the heavy duty stuff of books, papers, and general heavy things. I introduce you to my large hardcore heavy-duty large Satchel by Saddleback Leather. After all the rave reviews and my need to get something that won’t just give up on me (I know all of you won’t believe me… but I am sick of having to go out and look for bags to hold my stuff in mostly because they never last more than a year at most), I finally forked over the money to this Texas based company run by an amazing philanthropic family. This fullgrain leather bag smells AMAZING and I can’t wait to break it in lugging my books and misc. objects back and forth.

But I’ll post on that at a later time. 🙂


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Befitting that my first post on this blog begins with an ending? Perhaps.

On Saturday, I drove across Vancouver to Delta to attend my last volunteer session out at the Delta Archives and wished that I was anywhere else but. After I arrived at the same scheduled time (more or less) for the last seven months, I was given data-entry assignments to load up old information from the previous database into the new one. What seemed to be a dull, repetitive chore turned out to be a treasure hunt that I did not expect.

They had me going through a box of old invoice records from an old well known chemist in Delta that had set up shop there in the early 1900s. The flimsy pieces of paper smelled like history… and in my careful cataloguing and describing of each file, I came across little gems. Here and there were letters from the wholesale drug company in Vancouver to Mr. Fisher (the chemist of said store) regarding the rise of prices due to the breakout of war (1914), regarding the missing of products, and the up to date payments. The four hours flew by.

Then, when it was time to leave, the staff there surprised me with a box full of goodies from a local bakery!

It looks a bit battered because I accidentally upended the box on the drive home… that nanaimo bar is DELICIOUS though.
On top of the box of sugar, they also presented me with a card.

That photo is one that is in the archives and absolutely thrilling to see a real visual representation of all the records that I have been inputting into their database all these months.

Here’s a closer look:

Amazing card and goodies aside, this has really forced me to come to grips with the fact that I am leaving. It is still a very surreal experience and it feels like years away when in fact, I will be boarding a plane to leave this place for a few years in under three weeks.

There is a bittersweet sensation in all this. On the one hand, I am about to embark on another adventure but on the other, all of my friends, family, and my loved one, will be thousands of miles away. And while I throw myself into work and try to take everything in stride and as it comes, this little black and white photograph only tells me one thing.

This isn’t going to be the last bittersweet farewell that I will have to face up to.


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